She stole my boyfriend from me

Callum and I had been dating for nearly 5 years but the last 2 years things had started slowly deteriorating in our relationship. It started off with a few small arguments about the most minuscule things like the fact that I didn’t buy the right brand of juice or toothpaste. Then he was just angry so much more often, I could literally have been out of the house for the whole day but as soon as I get home he would be quiet and miserable taking secret phone calls leaving the room to have conversations. It started to really upset me I couldn’t understand what was happening why was Callum being so off with me? According to London escorts of


I confided in my friends at cheap london escorts about a year ago, they couldn’t believe what I was explaining to them. We discussed all sorts different scenarios, could he be cheating could he have fallen out of love with me am I doing something wrong? The girls at cheap london escorts reassured me that it wasn’t me as it wasn’t my behaviour that had changed. I just didn’t know what is going on. 


About a week ago I get a call from one of my girlfriends Alicia from london escorts. She asks me where I was and if I was alone. I told her yes as Callum had to work late that evening. She comes round to my house about 10 minutes after calling me and tells me that she was at a job with another girl from another London escorts agency and whilst they were there the escort starts to talk to her about her new found love. She shows Alicia the picture and she immediately recognises him, it Callum!


That son of a bitch! So the whole time I thought it was me that was the problem it wasn’t he was just cheating on me, but why? I had to know so I reached out the the London escort and asked her what Callum had told her about me. Apparently he had mentioned to her that we were in a long term but she didn’t care. I was so surprised at her response to our conversation. I know many london escorts but none of my friends are as bitchy as this one. What does Callum even see in her. She’s the total opposite to me she is short with blonde hair huge fake rock hard boobs and hawk like bright pick talons for nails. 


So I spoke to Callum and confronted him. Why was he doing this to me to us? He told me he had fallen in love with a London escort in my mind the worst type of london escort. He said he no longer wants me and that he was leaving me for her. I couldn’t believe it it makes no sense it was like he was under a spell. 


Well obviously we split up only for him to come crawling back to me months later saying that she was a nutcase and that he missed me. Idiot! Like I would ever take him back.

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