Pornhub Launches “Popular With Women” Category To Replace Its “Female Friendly” Section — And They Want Your … – Bustle


Pornhub Launches "Popular With Women" Category To Replace Its "Female Friendly" Section — And They Want Your …
At first you may wonder why they need a separate category for women — because isn't it all porn for women, if women choose to watch it? But here's the thing: there's a huge demand for it. Pornhub's 2017 Year In Review survey found that “Porn for Women

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Internet searches for ‘porn for women’ soar 1400% in just three years – with more prepared to admit to their … – Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Internet searches for 'porn for women' soar 1400% in just three years – with more prepared to admit to their
Daily Mail
More women are searching for and watching porn than ever before, according to new figures released by a leading online adult entertainment site. Data from Pornhub revealed the search term 'porn for women' had increased by 1400 per cent since 2015. The

‘Porn for women’ searches are up, but female sexuality existed long before Fifty Shades – The Guardian

The Guardian

'Porn for women' searches are up, but female sexuality existed long before Fifty Shades
The Guardian
While “porn for women” tends to be set in a sun-drenched California condo rather than an English countryside manor, it's notable how signifiers of social class play as key a role in erotic fantasy as actual sexual intercourse. From Clarissa, to Lady