What is the future of women’s porn?

Porn is just as important to women as it is to men. Women love sex just as much as men do, but this is a fact that has only recently been recognised by many workers in the porn industry.

More and more porn is being geared towards women. The industry seems to have finally recognised women as consumers and users of porn. Women has had a presence in the porn industry for a long time but only mainly as porn stars and london escorts.

Now, a lot of women are coming out of their boudoirs and getting off the beds only to step behind the camera and the board room desks. These women have recognised how important porn is to their fellow sisters around the world, and would like them to have the opportunity to enjoy it as much as men have been doing for many years.

So, what is happening in women’s world of porn?


We see books being written by former cheap escorts in london sharing their lifestyles and experiences with them. When women tell a story they tend to be more frank and honest, and this is often what makes these new porn novels so good.

london Escorts and porn stars are sharing their intimate experience with other women around the world, and perhaps lighting a few sparks along the way. Women are becoming more interested in porn and are finally beginning to appreciate that enjoying porn is okay.

Porn stars and london escorts may have realised this for a long time but sharing this information with other women has to date been next to impossible. Thanks to digital publishing all of this is finally beginning to change.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are being geared towards women as well. A few years ago men used to go out and buy their wives sex toys when they found it difficult to reach orgasm.

In this brave new world of empowered women, women are going out to buy their own sex toys and doing so much more than just coming out of the kitchen. Escorts in London often say it is like many women are finally beginning to recognise and appreciate their own sexuality.

Porn Movies

Even porn movies have changed and you are now just as likely to have former porn stars or london escorts directing your porn movie. That can often put a totally different perspective on things, and women are now buying porn movies made by women for women.

A lot of these actions have brought about some fundamental changes in the porn industry, and perhaps even to the point that more women are considering joining the industry. Perhaps we will

see a dramatic increase in the amount of escorts available in London today.

Sexy Lingerie

Women are buying more sexy lingerie than ever before. The interesting thing is that it is not only london escorts who are buying the lingerie. It is ordinary women who may not even be in a relationship but they just want to feel sexy for themselves. They like they way a pair of sexy knickers make them feel, and that in itself can be a very empowering experience.

It was only 100 years ago women were sent to Bethlehem lunatic asylum in London for masturbating. It used be thought that these women were lunatics. All of that has changed and it will be interesting to see what changes we will see in the next few years.

The Girly Guide To Getting Your Rocks Off

Whilst indulging in the dirtier side of the internet is hardly something that you would want to sit down and chat to your parents about, it isn’t something that anybody should be ashamed of – women included.
According to a recent survey, approximately 66% of women now watch porn on a semi-regular basis, so it looks like the sexual revolution is well underway.

It is often said that men are more visual beasts than women, but this is often no more than a handy excuse to ignore the type of visuals which do appeal to female viewers. However, there is a rapidly burgeoning feminist porn scene out there, and it means that appealing, high quality fem-centric porn can be found – you just have to look in the right places.

Start Rocking Rentals

If you do feel uncomfortable browsing for porn at your local sex shop, don’t be too hard on yourself; these places can be intimidating, and there is nothing wrong with surfing the internet from the comfort of your own couch – just make sure that you know what you’re looking for. A few great names to spot are Anna Span, Petra Joy, and Liselle Bailey. If you stumble upon a visual delight directed by any of these fine females, you are in for a treat.

Pleasure On Your Terms

Whilst Span tends to focus on sex from a female perspective, and makes it clear that women should be responsible for their own pleasure (as in her Hoxton Honey series), Bailey takes a more collaborative approach. The actors in her porn debut, Match Mates, are all friends and artistic partners, rather than hired actors. For women viewers, intimacy is important, and knowing that all of the actors in Match Mates are happy to be in on the action somehow makes it that much sexier.

Kicking It Old School

If you would rather take your chances with the wild world of free internet porn, the best places to look are probably redtube.com or youporn.com. You absolutely will be exposed to hardcore pornography on these sites, however, so steer clear if you are easily embarrassed, offended, or only want to dabble in the soft stuff. For a slightly safer watch, visit joybear.com – this website is specifically tailored for female viewers. You do have to sign up for full access, but there is no charge. Visit at cityofeve.com for more info.

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