Are Love and Sex the Same Thing

I am certain that I am not only girl who is confused about love and sex. When you meet a new person these days, you often need to ask them what they want out of a relationship. Some people that I have met only seem to be looking for a booty call, and other seem to be after genuine love. The same thing happens at West Midland escorts of I have met a lot of men recently who seem to love the company of West Midland escorts, but are not sure what they want to get out of their relationships.


This is not an issue that us girls at West Midland escorts sit around and debate a lot. Instead I think it is something that I think about a lot. I am not going to say that it worries me, but it plays on my mind a lot. Meeting decent guys is tough when you work for a West Midland escorts service. Many of the men I meet when I go out with my West Midland escorts friends just want to have fun with West Midland escorts, but at the same time, they tell often tell me that they love me. Do they really mean that or are they just looking for mind blowing sex? I am not sure really.


Are men confused about the concept of love and sex? From what I have learned from my dating experiences with West Midland escorts and dating men from outside of West Midland escorts, is that they are less confused about the concept. So far, pretty much all of the men that I have met in my life seem to think with their dicks. Being in a relationship for them means getting sex on tap and their domestic needs serviced at the same time. I am not even sure that love is a term that many men are okay with when it all boils down to it.


Am I the only going saying this? No, I am not and I think this is why so many professional girls stay away from long term relationships. All of the girls I know at West Midland escorts want something more out of their lives than crazy sex and domestic bliss if you know what I mean. When you have been working for West Midland escorts for a little while, you really start to ask yourself what life is all about. Sure, love and sex are important, but companionship is vital for a relationship to succeed at the same time.

It is funny things that you start to think about as you mature. I never thought that I would make true love such a big issue. But for some reason, my values of love and sex have become important to me. Every day when I go out on dates or meet men at West Midland escorts, I here hard luck stories. Almost all men who date West Midland escorts seem to have a string of failed relationships behind them and I guess that is why they are also confused about love and sex.


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